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March 2012 YEA Update

Thank you all for helping make 2011 a very successful year for Yucatan Evangelistic Association. The year 2012 has the potential of becoming another great year. There are many ministry opportunities for church and family groups of all sizes this year, so plan your dates as early as possible.

The following is a brief update of YEA ministries, and some of our current needs.

Missions: The missions at Hunucmá and Sisal are both still in growing stages, and Hunucmá is about ready to begin construction. They have a beautiful lot to build on but we need to have a title search on the land before building.

Our groups will be working in the villages of Xul and Pencuyut this year. Xul is a sizable village about 20 minutes south of Tekax, and Pencuyut is only 6 miles from Tekax. Brother Manuel Gongora will be serving as pastor at Xul. We have not yet assigned a pastor to Pencuyut.

We need construction teams for Hunucmá, and VBS and evangelistic teams for both Xul and Pencuyut. I expect more than 200 children in each of the villages, and we will be working in open parks. Evangelistic teams will be working with the adults while the children are being taught.

Seminary: We are now holding classes in 5 different locations, so there are many teaching opportunities. Our seminaries are essential to providing trained leaders for our missions and churches. The seminary is also a great platform for holding various seminars, as well. It provides us with the opportunity to minister to the needs of members of several churches at one single location.

We need visiting teachers to be guest lecturers at our seminaries.

We also need to consider increasing Brother Thomas’ income. Gasoline is more expensive in Mexico, and Bro. Nieto travels a lot of miles for the seminary ministry.

Children Homes: The Gene Murphy Boys Home has been opened for a couple of months now and is still, very much, a learning experience. We are currently using rented space and are looking for a larger house. We now have 6 teenage boys in our care and expect that number to grow to 10 before August.

We hope to build a new facility, behind Casa Kim, to house the boys but we are waiting for approval from the state. It will probably take about two years to raise the money to build the new facility. Brother Manuel is suggesting that it may be more feasible to purchase a larger house than to build. The economy is tough in Mexico and has created a strong buyers market.

Teenage boys are radically different from the other children in our care. Please pray that we can make a positive difference in each of their young lives.

Casa Kim Children’s Home has become a wonderful, loving family. In its two year existence, Casa Kim has been a refuge for more than 75 children, with 43 currently living in our care (including the boys at Casa Murphy). Leydi has finished school, and is working in Progreso, and others have been placed back in family care. Seven have been with us since the day Casa Kim opened. Gracia has been with us since birth, and has never known another home. At 10 months of age, Baby Jesus is presently our youngest.

Brother Manuel Gongora is director of Casa Kim and Merci Chan is our House Mother. Both share a great love for the children and ensure that they are well loved and cared for.

In December we began construction on a multi-purpose park for the children. We are planning to build a new kitchen this summer. We need groups to help us with the construction and to help care for the children.

I will be sending a more comprehensive update on Casa Kim Children’s Home in a different letter.

We invite you to be a part of Yucatan Evangelistic Association ministries during the year 2012. Come and see how God is working in the Yucatan.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Shelby C. Boyd