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Yucatan Evangelistic Association, Inc.

  • Annette Murphy, President, 5570 Hwy 563, Simsboro, LA 71275, (318) 247-8250
  • Gene Murphy, Secretary/Treasurer, 5570 Hwy 563, Simsboro, LA 71275, (318) 247-8250, gene@yeamissions.org
  • Shelby Boyd, Projects Coordinator, (318) 544-8454, shelby@yeamissions.org
  • Manuel Gongora, Director of Casa Kim and Casa Murphy Children Homes

Casa Kim Children's Home

Thanks to your love, prayers, and financial support, Casa Kim Children's Home has become a wonderful, loving family.
It is a miracle in itself just to see how God has put our family together. Some of our children have been emotionally, physically or sexually abused. Some were abandoned, and others simply not wanted. A few of our children have a parent who loves and wants to provide for them, but because of circumstances simply cannot care for them. Casa Kim provides each child the opportunity to be loved, well-fed, and nurtured. Casa Kim children have developed a strong sense of community and family. They tend to have the typical spats and misunderstandings, but they demonstrate a fierce loyalty to each other.
Casa Kim Children's Home is not an orphanage, but is a children's home. All of our children have at least one living parent, even though the parent may not be present or active in the child's life. Although the state may take a child for adoption, we have no part in the adoption process.
As of March 1, 43 children were residents of Casa Kim, including 6 boys at Gene Murphy Boys' Home.
All our youngsters appear to be wonderfully healthy, vigorous, and "normal" except for four children.
Nine-month-old Jesus is a handsome charmer. He coos, goos, and "talks" readily. His smile is absolutely angelic! He frets only to signal his caregivers that he is hungry, soiled, or tired. But . . . baby Jesus suffers from severe asthma. He must have several breathing treatments and medication daily. Jesus has lived in Casa Kim since the age of 2 months, and is little brother to everyone.
Alejandra, who ingested prescription medication for an adult when she was a toddler, is progressing well and has both physical and speech therapy twice a week. At 4 years old she is learning to talk and is being potty trained. Alex loves to tease and has a very sophisticated sense of humor. She also has heart problems and is responding well to medications.
Gracia, born deaf, with God's intervention has recovered most of her hearing and is now speaking very clearly. She can call every employee and child by name. Gracia has lived at Casa Kim since birth and is in charge of everything.
Six year old Cinthia is scheduled to have a stint put in her heart this week and must soon have a heart operation. Cinthia is very small for her age and must gain strength before undergoing by-pass surgery.
Many visitors to Casa Kim Children's Home appear to be surprised at the ages of our children. Sixteen of our children are between the ages of birth and 5 years old. Baby Jesus came to us at 2 months old and is currently the youngest in the family. Gracia has been at Casa Kim since birth and we are the only home that she has ever known. She will celebrate her second birthday on the 6th of May. Since opening, five infants have been removed by the state for adoption.
Milk, formula, and diapers are in constant demand, and immunizations are never ending.
Thanks to your generosity, we now have a basketball court and a well equipped park for our children. The older children enjoy shooting baskets while the younger love swinging and going down the fireman's pole. We hope to extend the basketball court in the near future to include areas for volleyball and soccer.
The foundation is poured for our new kitchen and we are anxiously awaiting our summer mission groups to put up the walls and the roof. We need your help with the construction. We will convert the old kitchen to a nursery with bathroom and bathing facilities for the toddlers. This should also increase our capacity to 50 children.
Casa Kim now employs eight full time staff members, plus one for Casa Murphy. We really need at least one more employee for Casa Murphy. Bro. Manuel Gongora is director for both locations. Merci Chan is house mother for Casa Kim, and Sylvia Puc is house mother for the Gene Murphy center. Our staff members need your constant prayers. It is an awesome responsibility to love and care for other children as though they are your own.
Our children are in constant need of your prayers. It can be very difficult to comprehend God's love if you have never experienced any other love. Please pray that each child will accept our love and then experience God's love through us.
Casa Kim children aren't just children; they are God's children. They are family. These children are my family. We invite you to be part of our family.
Thank you for your love, prayers, and financial support.
Thank you for allowing me to be Papa Shelby.

Shelby Boyd